Can Software Help Board Members Make Better Decisions [eBook]

Can Software Help Board Members Make Better Decisions

Is software the answer?

Good governance is at the top of the business agenda. From the boards of huge commercial concerns like VW to public sector housing associations board members are under increasing pressure to ensure that their organisations are well run.

In the current corporate climate it is no longer possible for CEOs to claim that they simply cannot be expected to know what all their senior employees are doing all the time. This attitude simply won’t wash. Report after report has highlighted issues of “sloppy finance”, “weak governance”, “poor management” and “poor understanding of risk” as being the cause of corporate failures and organisations becoming mired in corruption.

Board members’ responsibilities have grown, as has the need for them to be able to take a more active role in the governance of their organisations. The amount of information that they are expected to grasp is ever increasing, so what is the solution?

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