What’s spooky about your board?

While we provide technology to support boards, we know it is the human element that is crucial to success. As with every group of people you will always find some particular ‘characters’ and with Halloween in mind, we decided to have a bit of fun with some of the more terrifying and disruptive personalities you might find.

Gomez Addams – If this character isn’t the Chair of the board, I’m not sure who it’d be. This character has to be the one that sits at the head of your boardroom. Independently wealthy taking a step-back from most responsibilities’ to spend time enjoying activities with his family. Surprisingly athletic with crazy hobbies, like sword fighting. Honours his promises, trustworthy but can also be hot headed when things don’t go his way.

Morticia Addams – The lady of the boardroom, likes to think she generally leads the board meetings. She has a fierce company loyalty, has worked hard to get where she is and doesn’t hold back on telling people that. Rarely smiles but can also be very witty and likes to get her own way.

Wednesday Addams – This character has upmost respect for the CEO and follows their example very closely in the hope to become just like them. They may appear innocent, but they are the one you have to watch out for as they climb the ladder. The one that tries to act emotionless but secretly takes their work home with them and carries the weight of the world on their shoulders.

Pugsley Addams – The youngest member of the boardroom, and may have only got there due to family connections. Can be easily manipulated and looks as though they never want to be there. Will put in minimal effort at board meetings, and barely knows what page of the board papers to follow. Has a lot of energy but prefers to put it into flirting with the ladies as opposed to the board responsibilities.

Fester Addams – The joker of the boardroom, this character has a lot of energy but can also be quite explosive. Comes up with crazy light bulb ideas he wants to implement straight away without the appropriate planning or research. Despite his crazy nature, he is also the friendly giant of the boardroom and seems to be everyone’s shoulder to cry on.

Eudora Addams – The oldest member of the boardroom, think she knows best because she’s been around the longest. Her ideas are a bit rusty and not always in line with the modern world. She likes to act as the mother of the boardroom making sure everyone comes together regularly and she’s usually the one providing cookies and making everyone tea as they walk in.

Lurch – The quietest character in the boardroom, letting everyone speak before him and also wincing when everyone speaks over each other or any voices are raised. He holds his cards very close to his chest and genuinely doesn’t let people in, however when he does he’s very loyal.

Kitty – This character is most likely going to be the PA of the CEO, you don’t always see her but she appears from time to time. Doesn’t let anyone through to the CEO and has a short temper should you question her. The ‘Beware of Kitty’ sign featured in the film definitely should be there in real life. Approach at your own risk.

If reading this has given you the spooks with how relatable it is, maybe its best to keep it on the down low.

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