What your Christmas jumper says about you

The time of year has come around where all you can see in the office is sparkles, lights and everything nice. We all love a Christmas jumper, in fact a recent poll states that a whopping 73% of us love this Christmas tradition. With that in mind we thought we’d have a bit of fun by finding particular characteristics that match your Christmas jumper.

The 3D one

You can’t go anywhere these days without seeing a pompom, they are everywhere, so no wonder we’ve now decided to make our Christmas outfits jump out at us with pompoms, jingles and tinsel.

You’re an outgoing person, not afraid to make a statement and you love Christmas – you may even have about 5 different Christmas jumpers and fit in to all of these categories.

The ‘Twosie’ jumper

A new one to break the mould for 2017, the twosie jumper. Quite the impractical jumper, however you must be a joker and understand the needs of your twosie friend otherwise things could get a little heated throughout the day.

A brilliant way to bond with some of your colleagues and start a new trend within your friendship group. Top tip: choose someone the same height as you!

The light up one

These jumpers are great up until the battery goes and it loses all its sparkle and becomes just an ordinary Christmas jumper. You may like to keep it on all day but believe me they are much better at night.

You’re a sucker for attention and what more attention could you get at Christmas then to light up as you walk into a room.

The understated one

The jumpers with a hint of sparkle, you can dress them up as Christmas or dress them down as just a chunky knit.

You’re not a fan of making a scene but still like to get involved, you also like to have an economical choice, a jumper isn’t just for Christmas.

The ‘bah humbug’ one

Those Christmas jumpers that still ooze sparkles and glitter but cry out a negative vibe about Christmas.

You are also a lover of attention, but you like the bad sort. You don’t mind people coming up to you and asking how on earth you couldn’t like Christmas, because you like coming up with the dozen sceptical excuses about how daft we all are falling into the commercial trap.

The Christmas slogan one

If you can’t turn Jingle bells in to Gin and the naughty list into something to be proud of when can you? This kind of jumper says you want to have fun, Christmas is a time of letting go, and you are leading that theory.

You’re the first to the bar at the Christmas Party and the last one to go home.

Take a quick look around your office and see how many of these you can match up, and don’t forget Christmas Jumper Day this year, Friday December 15th, arranged by Save the Children, who have used our love of Christmas Jumpers to raise money for disadvantaged little ones.

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