US non-profit Maryland Skilled Immigrants Taskforce turns to MeetingSquared for smarter meeting management

Maryland Skilled Immigrants Taskforce

In 2016 we conducted research that revealed the astonishing amounts of time employees spend preparing for and attending workplace meetings. The average worker attends 3.7 meetings every week, spending one hour nine minutes preparing for each meeting and one hour 22 minutes attending it. Across a 40 year career, this equates to a total of 17,470 hours – two entire years of someone’s life.

Now just imagine you also did work for a non-profit, which also required a large number of meetings to get things done. It could potentially mean much of your working day is taken up just on meeting logistics, rather than the job at hand.

That was the challenge facing Ron Jennings. Not only is Ron the president of his financial consultancy, the Jennings Business Group, he is also the chair of a non-profit – Maryland Skilled Immigrants Taskforce. His role at the taskforce involves coordinating executives from government and state agencies and he found that organising meetings was becoming an increasingly arduous task.

Enter MeetingSquared

As a committed Office 365 user, the first place Ron looked was the Office 365 app store. The stand-out product was MeetingSquared, eShare’s meeting management tool, developed in 2016 in collaboration with Microsoft.

MeetingSquared comes with a host of features that will make the entire meeting process easier for the 1.2 billion Office users around the world, solving problems at all three stages of a meeting – before, during and after.

It has certainly been a huge help for Ron and meeting attendees at the Maryland Skilled Immigrants Taskforce, as Ron himself explains:

“Meetings are critical to the smooth running of the taskforce and MeetingSquared has greatly helped us. I would recommend it to anyone that conducts meetings on a regular basis.”

Read more about the Maryland Skilled Immigrants Taskforce and its use of MeetingSquared in this brand-new case study, here.

Alternatively, to get in touch with us to learn more about MeetingSquared, please get in touch here.

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