Understanding the potential of digital transformation in the public sector

Digital Transformation in the Public Sector Conference 2018

The numerous pressures facing public sector organisations are leaving many scratching their heads to know how they can continue their day-to-day work around these constantly changing demands. For example, by 2020 local councils will have seen central funding fall by a staggering 77%. Further cuts to an already stretched service from the government are being countered with demands from citizens expressing the need for more responsive public services. It is more evident than ever that our public services need to be more innovative in a sector dealing with a multitude of new policies combined with changing consumption patterns. Innovative ideas and processes open the door for organisations to identify, explore and exploit stronger opportunities whilst driving efficiencies in areas that were previously unattainable.

Digital transformation has the potential to imbue greater flexibility and an ability to adapt. The place where digital transformation can have the biggest impact is at the top of an organisation, allowing greater clarity and utilising automated and intuitive processes to free up time for more important tasks. Evolving this process facilitates more collaboration at the key decision-making moments and grants better access to the information needed to make such decisions that could have a potentially large impact. Digital transformation presents many positives to the public sector, but not without its disruptions. Ensuring these are kept to a minimum is paramount for all organisations in the public sector, but aligning with the right digital providers can help to alleviate these pitfalls.

Digital transformation relies heavily on the infrastructure in place and for many organisations in the public sector, this is a sticking point as they continue to use outdated legacy IT systems. The Digital Transformation conference’s key focus this year is looking at how the public services can learn to embed the latest digital solutions and ways of working to help redesign better user outcomes and better public services.

The next step for public services and a major focus area for the Digital Transformation conference is creating digital infrastructures that enable leaders to iterate, transform and improve existing services while also being responsive to changing environments. Without the correct foundations in place however, the vision for digital transformation will fall at the first hurdle.
An agile, flexible and secure public services depends greatly on the ability to meet the critical challenges ahead. Much of this ability will stem from the decisions made by the board and digitising the platform they use to make key decisions is a good place to start as a top down approach to adopting digital solutions will help encourage engagement. A survey by The United Nations in 2016 on e-government ranked the UK government top in the world for e-government and e-participation, which highlights that public services are becoming more inclusive, effective, accountable and transparent.

There are many ways of embedding digital solutions within an organisation, eShare are proud to provide effective and intuitive solutions that continue to further the digital transformation journey within the public services sector. Our solutions offer organisations the ability to make sound decisions based on the right information being available at the right time. Secure access to the right information is vital, particularly at the board level, which is exactly why public sector organisations in the UK have been implementing sophisticated solutions, such as BoardPacks and MeetingSquared, to assist them in making meetings more effective while allowing them to make decisions with full accountability and transparency.

In addition to the eShare stand – where lucky visitors can enter a draw for some of our famous Star Wars prize – there is an interesting programme of speakers to enjoy. The programme features a wide range of speakers, including our Business Development Manager David Richardson, speaking on a host of topics focusing on delivering the vision for agile, flexible and secure public services.

The Digital Transformation Conference takes place at American Square Conference Centre, No.1 America Square, 17 Crosswall, London, EC3N 2LB. We will be exhibiting at Stand 2.
If you are at the event, please do come and say hello. If you’d like to learn more about any of our products, please get in touch with us.

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