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Our vision is to drive better governance. Our mission is to design intuitive, secure software to improve meetings and governance within organisations, promote the use of technology in business and provide leaders with a living view of their organisation.

eShare was founded in 2004, to improve ineffective meetings for trustee boards on the back of the pensions crisis. Since then, we have gone on to improve the governance of organisations all around the world, in sectors such as financial management, healthcare, charities and housing.

We believe improving meetings and governance with digital solutions is probably the simplest and most effective way to improve transparency, productivity and achieve better results. This core belief is what drives us forward and influences every step of our software development.

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A complete governance board portal

BoardPacks is a board portal that not only helps our customers have more effective meetings but also helps them make better decisions and stay on top of risk management, and compliance.

  • Manage board meetings, risk, decisions and documents in one place
  • Intuitive design, accessible on a PC or any tablet app or smart phone
  • Demonstrate better accountability, transparency and collaboration

Learn more about BoardPacks View our overview to BoardPacks key features


Driving productivity with digital meetings

MeetingSquared is meeting management software that harnesses the power of SharePoint and helps improve meetings throughout your organisation by providing some structure and consistency. The Agenda builder add in also allows you to add emails and attachments to your agenda.

  • Interactive agendas allow you to upload and associate documents, links and decisions to particular agenda items
  • Easily capture follow-up actions, with automated reminders
  • Everything in one place including dial in numbers, location map, notes and minutes

Learn more about MeetingSquared Watch our introduction to MeetingSquared

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