Jun, 17

Entity management the focus of attention for attendees at the Forum for Unlisted Companies 2017

Forum for Unlisted Companies 2017

The event season is well and truly in full flow with the events teams recently attending the Thomson Reuters Company Secretary Series event, Forum for Unlisted Companies 2017 held in London. This was the 3rd annual edition of this event, which focuses on the role of the company secretary and how it is evolving, which… Read more »


May, 17

Does your organisation understand the role of the Company Secretary?

The role of the Company Secretary

When we began conducting our research on the visibility of different board members, we didn’t know what to expect, but we were still surprised by the startling results that we did receive. We asked 1,000 employees of companies with more than 500 staff to name different members of their board. It came as no surprise… Read more »