corporate governance


Aug, 16

Key principles to ensure good corporate governance: Part 2

Boardroom Governance

In part one of our ‘principles of good governance’ series we discussed the importance of the capability and integrity of the board. At this stage we will be delving into how a board’s leadership can affect good governance whilst remaining accountable and sustainable. The western world leads the way on good governance, but we still… Read more »


Jun, 16

Key principles to ensure good corporate governance: Part 1

Ducks in a row

Corporate governance has evolved over the years in line with the many challenges posed by government policies and as a result of the corporate scandals seen around world. Unfortunately, it seems that most of the advances in governance guidelines come only after a corporate controversy has exposed another ‘kink in the chain’. We may sound… Read more »


Feb, 16

Is boardroom diversity improving an organisation’s governance performance?

Diverse boardroom meeting

We are beginning to see increasing focus in the media regarding the presence of women in corporate boards due to the recent studies that have shown the positive impact it is having on a board’s effectiveness. As it is now one of the most passionately debated issues in corporate governance, we wanted to step away… Read more »