Jun, 17

Putting the Sorting Hat on your CEO

Which Hogwarts house would your CEO belong to?

There is nothing quite like the anniversary of something from popular culture to put time into perspective and make you feel old. As this week we mark the 20th anniversary since the publication of the first Harry Potter book, this will either make you think back to reading the books in your younger, more care… Read more »


Dec, 16

Securing boardroom data remains a priority for many organisations…and BoardPacks is just the platform to do so

Building more efficient meetings

We believe that BoardPacks is an increasingly essential technology for any organisation that has board meetings – providing transparency into board meetings and saving money on printing board packs. It plays a major role in supporting the information sharing, decision making and risk management associated with good governance, in a way that paper-based board packs… Read more »


Jul, 16

Do you recognise these characters in your fairytale boardroom?

Dwarfs In the boardroom

Everybody loves a good fairytale, especially us. The one we’ve been talking about recently in our office is Snow White and her ensemble of dwarfs, which some say – has a striking resemblance to those characters that you meet in a typical boardroom meeting. You can probably name just about all of the seven dwarfs,… Read more »


Feb, 16

Is boardroom diversity improving an organisation’s governance performance?

Diverse boardroom meeting

We are beginning to see increasing focus in the media regarding the presence of women in corporate boards due to the recent studies that have shown the positive impact it is having on a board’s effectiveness. As it is now one of the most passionately debated issues in corporate governance, we wanted to step away… Read more »