Structuring Better Meetings

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Trying to organise meetings without meeting management software can be done, but should it? With inboxes getting flooded with messages and papers coming in from every direction, it’s easy to see why so many business managers opt for some form of meeting software. How many times have you found yourself searching back through emails for the conversations leading up to a meeting and hunting down documents in file explorer, then finding the conference call numbers and/or other key details in the calendar entry. Instead, using software to structure meeting information, attendees can focus on the most important aspect of a meeting; the content.

Define the agenda

Choose the topics you wish to discuss with your team beforehand and exclude any which aren’t relevant that may eat into the time. Steer clear of any subjects where one person is likely to dominate the conversation without input from others. Instead, focus on items which will invite discussion from all members to help come to conclusions that everyone can agree on faster.

Stick to a time schedule

There is no universal length of time for meetings, and believing there is may result in rushed and unsuccessful finishes. Meetings become messy and ineffective when there are multiple conversations happening at once. To avoid any confusion, plan a set time you will spend discussing each topic. Make sure everyone has the relevant documentation beforehand so they can prepare. If the discussion goes over the designated time, allow for 10 minutes during the end of each meeting for these issues to be resolved.

Keep track of previous meetings

Don’t just rely on your team members to recall what was discussed in a previous meeting. Keep up to date with what the key points of previous meetings were and what ideas and solutions came from it. This way you will be able to track the progress your company is making and it will be a lot easier to identify how best to resolve issues.

Invest in meeting management software

For more seamless, effective meetings, investing in meeting management software such as MeetingSquared can make a big difference. It will help you by providing a structured agenda, to which documents, links and votes can be added to the relevant agenda items, and will help you keep track of the actions and minutes from previous meetings. Saving both time and money, this software enhances productivity every time your team meets.

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