Promoting World Values Day

Values are something we all have in life. They are a staple in making up your beliefs and the principles of your behaviour. Our personal values also extend into our working lives, and as a collective, it is important to understand what values you are aspiring to achieve in your organisation.

Here at eShare we have a long list of values that we strive to live up to, however with today being World Values Day, we have accepted the challenge to take one hour out of our day to think about one of our values that we hold close to our heart. Collectively we decided to focus on being respectful.

We believe it is fundamental to be respectful to one another. We shall be respectful regardless of someone’s job status and we consider all other viewpoints. We understand that at times we might not agree with everyone, we may get frustrated but we will always listen and be polite because overall we are all human. We must also extend this ethos to our customers, for they are the reason we are here and we will strive to give them the best service they have ever received. Day or night we will constantly be there for support and never not take the time to make them feel appreciated. We shall listen to all our clients and any problems they may face. We understand that if they have an issue we will do anything within our power to resolve the problem and above everything; it is never their fault if they have a problem.

Furthermore we will also listen to our colleagues. Any concerns or opinions they may have we feel it is important for our teams to take confidence knowing that if they speak they will be heard. After all, we are a team and a team will not thrive if someone feels undervalued and unappreciated.

It is important to take stock and reflect on your values from time to time to ensure that you are meeting them as you wish to, and that your customers believe you are meeting them also, which is why World Values Day offers such a great opportunity for the world to stop and reflect.

We encourage our clients to also take this challenge on and think about what values they believe are important to their company culture. As businesses continue to grow, sometimes we can forget or even push aside our values that once made us proud. We are aware of our values and work to put them into practice every day.

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