New BoardPacks features shine at the London user group

Last month, eShare held their annual BoardPacks London user group at The National Gallery in Trafalgar Square. These sessions provide BoardPacks users the opportunity to learn about upcoming features as well as put forward their own suggestions for improving the platform. These sessions also provide us with greater insights into how the solution is being used and immediate feedback on any proposed new features.

As with previous years, the event was well attended and those users that were able to attend left feeling better informed of the direction that BoardPacks is taking, as well as with a greater understanding of how to get the most out of the platform. The ability to collaborate with other BoardPacks users and discuss problems and solutions together is one of the greatest features of our user groups.

Part of the user group was dedicated to the new version 2.1 where new features like Digital Minutes, Governance Tracking and Topic History were highlighted and walked through in detail, so that users fully understood the latest update. Those in attendance were excited by the new features and had plenty of questions for the breakout sessions about how each one could be used to improve governance and the effectiveness of their meetings within their organisation.

Whilst these features had been discussed at previous user groups in their development stage, it was great to be able to see users’ reactions to the fully functioning features and hear about how they are already being used to great effect. Tim Haines, Head of Product Management at eShare said; “whilst we always knew that the features we were developing would solve many problems for our users, it was great to be able to see first-hand the impact that these are already having and the positivity with which these have been received.”

After the sessions had finished, we took the time to talk to some of the attendees to garner some feedback. The user group definitely helped further their understanding of BoardPacks and how much potential there was for improving their processes by utilising the solution to its full effect. The other thing that was noted was how well supported they felt by eShare and the Client Relations team. “It was so pleasing to hear of how highly our Client Services department was regarded by our clients,” said Janet Jones, Head of Client Relations. “The feedback showed the service they had received over the past year had been excellent, and they were delighted to know that eShare will continue to invest in providing excellent support for the foreseeable future.”

After the success of London, it’s time to take our show on the road with our regional user groups around the UK. If you were unable to attend our London user group, we will also be hosting a Manchester user group on the 24th May and another in Exeter on the 21st June. If you are a client and would like to attend either of these, please sign up here.

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