Microsoft opens the door for accelerated partner growth at Inspire

Microsoft opens the door for accelerated partner growth at Inspire

Washington D.C played host to Microsoft Inspire, the rebranded Microsoft World Partner Conference (WPC). Microsoft partners from around the world hoping to get the inside track on all the latest developments as well as take advantage of the massive networking potential of the rebranded conference attended the event, held at the Washington Convention Centre.

A new message is emanating out of Microsoft which gives a lift to all partners in the Microsoft ecosystem, both Independent Software Vendors (ISV’s) and traditional Cloud Service Partners (CSP’s) have access to the abundant resources of Microsoft and the network in the One Commercial Partner model.

This change has come about largely due to the increase in opportunities that have come from the digital transformation movement that’s sweeping organizations in a wide range of sectors around the globe. By bringing together their partner-focussed teams from across the company into one organization, the One Commercial Partner programme harnesses their technical, marketing and business expertise in a way that every partner can benefit from, regardless of size, business model or geography.

This opens up a huge amount of doors for all partners and removes the barriers for partners wanting to interact and transact more seamlessly across the Microsoft ecosystem, with the aim of providing greater value for customers. Like the rest of the delegates, this news was met with great enthusiasm by Rob MacMahon, eShare’s Director of Sales for North America who attended the event, with eShare’s products being so closely tied in with the Microsoft ecosystem.

eShare has been working with the Microsoft ecosystem since 2015 when we were selected to be part of their accelerator programme. This relationship with Microsoft has enabled our solutions to be developed to ensure optimum single sign on integration within the Microsoft ecosystem. MeetingSquared, eShares meeting management solution is now being used by 7,000 users across the UK, Europe, Africa, America and Canada.

MeetingSquared is currently being used by a wide range of different sectors and departments to improve the effectiveness of their meetings. From CIO’s improving the secure distribution of meeting materials to department heads creating better meeting agendas. MeetingSquared can improve meetings for all employees, giving them one place to go access all the correct and up-to-date information they need to read prior to a meeting and giving them a clear trail of the actions agreed upon in meetings.

Rob MacMahon comments:

“Meetings are the lifeblood of any organization. Having agenda’s to follow as part of the meetings process is vital to a team fulfilling its role as part of the goals of the organization. Having a secure solution to enable the easy development of agenda’s and instant distribution of meeting collateral is seen as a new focus of productivity in organizations, especially where teams are nationally or globally distributed as is becoming more common.”

Inspire has been great for eShare as we have strengthened our relationships with our current strategic implementation partners and excitedly met with new Microsoft colleagues covering Latin America to discuss opportunities of our newly translated MeetingSquared in the region.

“Latin America is incredibly exciting as we witness a high percentage of millennials in the work force and a great understanding of the need for digital transformation as a result. We are starting to work closely with our strategic partners in Chile and Peru and building the brand in the region giving us a global footprint for a product that we hope will sit with every Office user in the future.”

If you would like to know more about partnering with eShare, or would like more information about our MeetingSquared solution, please contact Rob MacMahon.

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