Outlook add-in

Improve your meeting experience with an Outlook add-in

Outlook add-in

The Agenda Builder add-in will allow you to create meetings or add agenda items from Outlook.

Agenda Builder

Having installed Agenda Builder into Outlook, you can select an email and choose to either add it to an existing meeting in MeetingSquared or create a new one. This means building the agenda is quick and easy and everyone at the meeting has access to the same information. Your meeting agenda will pop up in a pane on the left hand side of your Outlook email so you can review the agenda and edit it.

Data synchronisation

Any changes made in Agenda Builder happen in real time, so the information will be available to view in MeetingSquared from all devices straight away.

Great tools together

Agenda Builder and MeetingSquared are great tools to enhance your SharePoint and Outlook tools, but please note, the same account must be used for both Outlook and SharePoint to ensure Agenda Builder will work with MeetingSquared.