MeetingSquared Pro

Extra features for serious meetings

MeetingSquared Pro

MeetingSquared makes your meetings more effective and efficient, across your organisation; however, sometimes more serious meetings call for extra measures.

More control over your meetings with MeetingSquared Pro

With MeetingSquared Pro you have more control over your meetings and what attendees can view and access.

More control of your meetings

If you need more flexibility to control who sees what, MeetingSquared Pro gives you the option to add extra permissions levels and control access to documents.

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MeetingSquared Pro has a redaction tool that can help you select which attendees see particular agenda items and associated documents. It has functionality to manage users from within MeetingSquared, rather than just via SharePoint, giving you greater control over permissions.

These extra features cannot be accessed via the store, so please contact the sales team who can talk you through the implementation process.

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