You can have a feature-rich application that is also easy to use

Features of meeting management software

As with all of our solutions, MeetingSquared has been designed with the end user in mind to address the pain points of both organising and attending meetings.

By utilising MeetingSquared for your organisations’ meetings you can:

  • Easily add the time/ date, location or call details and attendees to the same place as the agenda
  • Drag and drop agenda items and documents
  • Easily record meeting actions and notes
  • Copy previous agendas and attendees to quickly populate a reoccurring meeting
  • One click to publish the agenda to anyone who has access to your SharePoint site


Get the most out of your meetings with MeetingSquared.

Build an effective meeting with MeetingSquared Benefits of digital meetings

MeetingSquared Pro

For when more granular permissions are needed, or if certain agenda items and documents are not for everyone’s eyes, we have the solution with MeetingSquared Pro.

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