MeetingSquared Igniting team collaboration

The Microsoft IGNITE conference, rebranded 2 years ago from TechED, has long been a place where Microsoft has introduced new technology, concepts and platforms to the World. The eShare team heads to Orlando this week for IGNITE, which promises to be a conference marked by new technology and the rise of collaboration technology, especially through the Teams platform.

Organizations have been adopting technology to transform, or optimize, their processes and engagement with clients for some time, but are now beginning to turn their attentions to how they better engage with their employees.

The leadership of organizations, guided by the IT department and their consultants, have a real challenge ahead of them – what do we focus on first, and how do we remain relevant in today’s world that is changing so fast. Most organizations credit that people are its biggest asset. In today’s world, if an organization cannot adapt, and quickly, they will battle to remain relevant. It is therefore important to empower employees with the right tools, and technology, to ensure they communicate well, have good transparency and accountability, and most of all are productive and efficient in the tasks that they fulfil.

The adoption of cloud technologies and Microsoft’s innovations in collaboration over the past 18 months now provide a suite of products to enable good collaboration. OneNote, OneDrive, Outlook and SharePoint have been adopted by organizations worldwide, and the flexibility provided by Microsoft allows it’s partners and ISV’s to provide their technologies to further allow clients to meet their goals.

eShare has a long relationship with Microsoft, as one of the first ISV partners through their Accelerator programme and recently profiled at INSPIRE conference and in their quarterly publication, so we are very much looking forward to attending IGNITE and reporting back on Microsoft’s latest innovations.

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