Helping to make the UK the most digitally advanced higher education nation in the world

Helping to make the UK the most digitally advanced higher education nation in the world

The higher and further education sector is one the eShare knows well, helping colleges and universities make their meetings more efficient and improving their board’s governance. The will to improve the way that meetings are organised and managed in the education sector is great, however the ability to implement the technologies needed to make the improvements is sometimes hindered by bureaucracy. That’s where JISC comes in.

JISC (formerly the Joint Information Systems Committee) provides UK universities with shared digital infrastructure and services aimed at achieving their goal of making the UK higher education sector the best in the world. An important part of this is the provision of the superfast and highly reliable Janet network for global communication and collaboration.

Another key part of this goal is helping universities save time and money when it comes to procuring and implementing new technologies, such as eShare’s solutions.

By massively reducing the amount of time that it takes to research and pitch RFPs to prospective suppliers, before you even start the process of negotiating the deal and beginning the onboarding process, they are making the proposition of implementing problem solving solutions much more attractive, and removing any potential barriers and arguments against doing so.

The award of JISC preferred supplier for the Board and Committee Papers Framework is a massive honour for eShare and highlights the benefits of our solutions to the education sector. By being the preferred supplier on the framework, organisations can easily talk to us directly and implement our solutions quickly. There is no longer any need for a beauty parade because universities will have peace of mind from knowing that the deal will be secured at the best price possible for their budget and the products have been selected based upon their quality and technical merit in meeting the operational requirements.

Having the framework in place meant that eShare client, the University of Exeter, could purchase services more easily, freeing them to concentrate on choosing the product that met their requirements. Initially unaware that eShare was available through the JISC agreement, the Business School at the University of Exeter reviewed a number of the online board portal options available, and decided that BoardPacks was the best option, as Ian Broadfoot, Executive Officer, explains:

“We were delighted to find that BoardPacks was available on JISC – this provided a much simpler procurement route, which is hugely important when making an IT purchase in the Education sector.”

The ability to get the right technology that meets your needs easily is vital for the continued advancement of our education sector. The good work that JISC do in helping to expedite and take the hassle away from this process has enabled the senior team at the University of Exeter to save vast sums on printing (which supports the university’s sustainability drive) but also providing a greater level of flexibility for the senior team.

The procurement of eShare’s solutions via JISC has helped Exeter and many other colleges and universities to improve their meetings, improve governance and work towards their sustainability goals. If you would like more information about how eShare can help your organisation, then please get in touch.

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