Governance professionals step up their quest for technology to ease their burdens

Governance professionals step up their quest for technology to ease their burdens

A busy events season, which saw us travel around Europe, came to a close in July in London at the ICSA Annual Conference. Having only recently attended the ICSA Ireland conference, it was great to pick back up the conversations and themes we had been discussing there.

ICSA’s aim to improve boards by promoting strong governance solutions is one that we echo, and was something we were looking forward to discussing further. In particular, the findings of our recent research into the pressure that governance professionals are facing.

The research revealed 61% of respondents have had their overall workload increase in recent years and their role is far more complex than it was before. With good governance such a high priority for all organisations, those with responsibility for governance need assistance in handling their increased workload more efficiently and productively. The ICSA Annual Conference came at the perfect time then for us to discuss our findings and also to showcase our solution, which not only will reduce their workload, but also improve their governance.

A changing view on technology

What set this year’s ICSA conference apart was how many organisations appear to have changed their views on technology and how it can assist them. Technology has impacted on every aspect of our lives, yet the adoption of business technologies has been much slower which is usually down to the culture in that organisation. The lack of motivation to adopt new technologies or to acknowledge that there could be a better way of working has been holding these organisations back, but this attitude appears now to be changing.

Simon Machin, eShare’s Director of Sales who attended the event said;

“It’s great to see organisations across all sectors embracing technology and looking at better ways to manage governance at all levels. As the role of the governance administrator becomes harder, we will see more and more organisations looking to technology to solve these issues which is very encouraging.”

Subsidiary governance

The board portal is a well-known solution for improving governance in your organisation, but where the pressure points are really starting to grow in the current geo-political climate are in entity management and subsidiary governance.

Ensuring good governance throughout your corporation is a problem that has yet to be solved and with events like Brexit increasing the amount or regulations that are likely to come into play, this role is only going to get harder.

It’s with these pressures in mind that eShare developed EntitySquared, a complete entity management solution that also integrates with our board portal BoardPacks, giving you complete transparency across your subsidiaries.

Understandably, this solution really resonated with the attendees of the conference and we had many interesting discussions at our stand highlighting how our solutions could fit into organisations across a wide range of sectors.

It’s been a busy few months for the eShare events team, but the ICSA Annual Conference was a great event to round off the season and we look forward to continuing the conversations we started at ICSA.

If you would like to know more about how eShare’s solutions can help your organisation, then please get in touch.

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