G-Cloud 9 opens to ease the pain of procurement for public sector organisations

BoardPacks and MeetingSquared available in Digital Marketplace

We are very pleased to say that our MeetingSquared solution is now available in the Digital Marketplace, alongside our governance solution, BoardPacks, in the Cloud Software category, as the ninth G-Cloud framework goes live.

The G-Cloud programme is a cross government initiative as part of the Government ICT Strategy to introduce cloud ICT services into government departments, local authorities, and the wider public sector. G-Cloud has done all the procurement processes up to the point of final selection and buying.

Before the Digital Marketplace, previously known as the CloudStore, the procedure for procuring a new service contract was a long and arduous process requiring a full tender and a mini-competition, and was often criticised for being a closed community that only allowed technology sourced from large corporations.

Since the Cloud First policy was introduced, not only has the procurement process become a lot quicker and cheaper for public sector organisations, but it has also opened the door for many innovative SMEs, offering greater choice and improving the efficiency of many departments.

On receiving the confirmation of eShare’s successful application, CEO Alister Esam said,

“We are pleased to be approved for G-Cloud 9. The assessment for this platform is rigorous, which means more public sector bodies are starting to use it for procurement.

With this iteration G-Cloud has improved its usability, which is always welcome since the purpose is to save time as well as reduce the pain around public sector procurement.”

Reduced public spending has put improving efficiency, accountability and transparency higher up the agenda for public sector organisations across the world. Many governments have focused on the power of digital solutions to achieve this improvement.

To reach these paperless and digital targets, many organisations are turning to meeting management tools such as BoardPacks and MeetingSquared. Meetings play a vital role in communication and our solutions enable you to reduce excessive paper-use, provide a fully auditable action trail, build agendas and share documents in a secure environment.

For further information on the Digital Marketplace, you can visit the government site here.