eShare listening for the sounds of digital transformation in Nashville

eShare listening for the sounds of digital transformation in Nashville

Nashville has long been a Mecca for people around the world hunting for the authentic sound of true Country music, but the eShare team heads there this month listening for the sound of something very different; technology.

The first TechForward event is being held specifically to enable the non-profit community to engage, learn and see first hand how technology can transform the way they operate. The conference is hosted by Tech Impact, a Microsoft partner that works closely with the Microsoft Philanthropies department, which enables non-profits to benefit from digital advancement to the tune of $2.6 million worth of software donations on a daily basis.

Digital transformation is something that is right up there in the consciousness of business in every sector, but is something that is playing a huge role in the advancement of non-profits and their ability to fundraise in the 21st century. Both the advantages and the regulations that come into play when embracing technology present a real minefield for non-profits and the thought of this can stop their journey before they have even started, which is why this conference, aimed at reducing this stress and workload, holds so much potential.

“Helping non-profits become data driven is something we’re very much active in currently,” said Rob MacMahon, Direct of Sales, North America. “In a productive data driven non-profit, the board members and other committees have the right data to make relevant decisions, have the tools to effectively fund raise and are also more accountable and transparent thereby promoting a culture of good governance, which is so important with the increase in regulations in today’s climate”.

The conference itself, held between September 17-19, will focus on many key areas including security, data practices and governance, with expert speakers lined up to address each of these aspects, we are keen to hear what they have to say as well as provide our opinion on these matters, drawing on our years of experience improving governance with our BoardPacks solution.

Having recently returned from the LIMRA conference in Santiago, Chile, Rob is keen to continue spreading the word about our meeting management software, MeetingSquared, to a different audience.
“The LIMRA conference was a great event where we were able to demonstrate both our meetings and governance tools to decision makers from across South America. We followed this up with the launch of our meeting management solution, MeetingSquared, in Spanish for the Latin American market, and it will be interesting to see what similar concerns and topics are raised at the TechForward conference.”

If you would like to arrange a meeting with Rob at the TechForward conference to discuss how eShare can help your non-profit organization or to discuss our solutions further, please contact him on +1 347 255 7760 or

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