eShare launches in Latin America

LIMRA event round up

The conference and events season is something to which we always look forward. The opportunity to get out into different industries and meet people to discuss their pain points across their business and how technology can help is something that always excites us. This time, the first event of the season took on extra significance, as the LIMRA-LOMA Conference held in Santiago, Chile, was the first that we have attended in Latin America.

The conference focussed on the challenges facing the life and pension insurance industries and the subject we were particularly interested in, how technologies are shaping this industry and how they can be utilised further. In fact, the speed and impact of technology within the insurance industry was one of the hottest topics discussed and drew opinion from many experts.

Detailed presentations on the current state of play in this sector as well as predictions on likely new technologies and how they will disrupt the market drew large crowds, as the delegates were keen to hear how technology can help their business. Most experts predicted that the biggest changes and most useful solutions weren’t coming from the larger, more traditional sources, but from smaller, more agile companies which was music to our ears.

As with all industries concerning sensitive personal and financial data, the amount of new regulations coming into place in the insurance industry is growing rapidly, with a greater focus on data security and increased transparency, something which eShare is ideally placed to discuss having started in the pensions sector and continued the growth of our compliance solutions over the past decade.

The simple process of converting the board’s meeting papers into a digital format helps make the information therein much easier to find with a search tool and consistent organisation of meetings by board or committee. However, the features that we develop to help board members make better decisions, easily surface past information that is still relevant and progress topics between meetings help improve governance and transparency among our clients.

The need for cost effective, real-time information access was a key feature that many of the attendees mentioned and this is something that fits our BoardPacks solution perfectly, as well as enhancing the value of communication channels and decision making process.

“It was great to see so many people positive about making changes and embracing technology within the insurance sector,” said Jonathan Callund, eShare’s partner in Latin America.

“The growing efforts to increase transparency at the top level of businesses to stamp out corruption and provide a more attractive proposition for investors is very encouraging for eShare. We had many fruitful conversations about how we can help organizations further, especially in Chile and Peru, where our Controls module can really make a difference for companies wanting to improve their risk management.”

It was fantastic to get our new season up and running in such an exciting new territory for eShare, and one where we look to continue our positive start.

If you would like further information about our solutions, please contact Jonathan Callund.

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