eShare begins 2018 events programme by speaking at Digital Healthcare: Cutting Edge Innovation

eShare at DigiHealth 2018

Attending, sponsoring, exhibiting and speaking at events is an integral part of eShare’s marketing programme. It gives us the chance to showcase some of our ground-breaking products, meet customers and potential customers and really get to understand and learn from the issues surrounding a particular industry.

So we are really excited about our first event of 2018, the Digital Healthcare: Cutting Edge Innovation conference taking place at the America Square Conference Centre in London on 8 February.

It is the latest in a series of conferences, analysing the NHS’s progress in adopting the most up to date technologies, as it evolves towards complete digitisation. It’s a process that began in the 1980s, and although not without a few bumps in the road along the way, is progressing well.

Speeding up the NHS’s digital journey

The conference has a first-class line-up of speakers, updating attendees on the latest developments happening within the NHS, as it strives to modernise in the digital era. Speakers include Julia Manning, Founder and Chief Executive, 2020health and Simon Dixon, Head of Digital Strategy, Digital Finance and Commercial Directorate, Public Health England.

The keynote presentation will be delivered by Dr. Charlie Davie, Managing Director, UCLPartners and Academic Health Science Network, who will be speaking on “Accelerating the Adoption of Technology in the NHS” and focusing on how the journey toward an innovative, technology rich and fully digitised NHS can be speeded up.

The conference also aims to showcase a whole range of innovative products, some for the here and now, and others more for the future, but all of them revealing the true power of technology to improve efficiencies and make the NHS run more smoothly.

eShare and the NHS

Helping on the digital journey is exactly where eShare can help departments all over the NHS. We work with a number of healthcare organisations and will be talking about our work with one of those at Digital Healthcare: Cutting Edge Innovation.

eShare’s David Richardson in conjunction with our Client Relations team will be presenting some key points from of our NHS case studies, looking at how we have helped Derbyshire Community Health Services on their digital journey, for example. Patient records are of course an integral part of any move towards digital, but it is also important to look at digitising other elements of operations.

For Derbyshire Community Health Services this meant using our online board portal BoardPacks to help digitise their board meetings. Not only does using BoardPacks mean substantial savings on paper use, but it also makes for more efficient meetings with better governance and more transparency. The team at Derbyshire were even nominated for a UK Paperless Award in 2017, recognising the huge successes that being paperless has bought the organisation.

A digital future

While the deadlines for the NHS to go completely paperless have been moved back on several occasions – the original 2020 deadline was ambitious to say the least – the future of the NHS remains undoubtedly digital. The delegates at Digital Healthcare: Cutting Edge Innovation will all see how the transformation of the NHS is progressing by embedding innovative programmes and adopting digital technologies to deliver the care needed for now and the future.

eShare is proud to be part of that and would love to share our experience working for the NHS with you at the conference.

You still buy tickets for Digital Healthcare: Cutting Edge Innovation here, or if you are unable to attend but would like to speak to us about BoardPacks or our other solutions, please feel free to contact us here.

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