eShare a key sponsor at ICSA Subsidiary Governance Conference 2017

The pressure on businesses to be well-run and governed effectively has never been greater than it is in 2017. Increasingly regulatory requirements and the need for transparency in decision making has meant that organisations all over the world are focusing more than ever on the tools needed for smart governance.

That’s why we are so excited about the opportunity to be one of the key sponsors at the upcoming ICSA Subsidiary Governance Conference 2017. As we live and work in a global economy, organisations have entities in different continents and countries, with multiple boards and different governance and regulatory requirements. Staying on top of this is no mean feat.

Introducing EntitySquared

It’s because of this increasing regulatory complexity that EntitySquared, eShare’s entity management platform, has proved such a success. Since its launch in 2016, EntitySquared has been deployed by a number of organisations, all impressed by its ability to provide insight into the status of a firm’s entities across different jurisdictions, regions and countries.

It allows a user to see the whole of their organisation mapped out in detail, from Holding Company to PLC, right down to the smallest subsidiary. EntitySquared reveals at a glance – and on the mobile devices used by almost every executive in 2017 – which entities have fulfilled their compliance obligations, what those obligations are, whether the directors are working efficiently and what is being discussed at a board level in each entity.

The ICSA agenda

Now in its fifth year, the ICSA Subsidiary Governance Conference 2017 has a line-up of speakers and presentations that will discuss how group governance works in the real world, how businesses reconcile the multiple demands made of them, and how good governance can be driven through every part of the business.

After the opening keynote by Peter Swabey FCIS, Policy & Research Director, ICSA, there’s a fascinating looking case study presented by global engineering firm, Rolls-Royce pls.

Rolls-Royce is organised into five different customer-facing businesses and has more than 300 subsidiaries and joint ventures worldwide. Ensuring compliance and good governance across such a complex operational structure is no small undertaking, and Andrew Harvey-Wrate ACIS, Assistant Company Secretary at Rolls-Royce will explain how the company has improved its subsidiary governance and compliance arrangements.

An indispensable tool?

The next session is one that really plays into how EntitySquared can be an indispensable tool in modern governance. A panel discussion will explore how although sophisticated technology exists to help companies maintain effective oversight of their global entities, this technology alone cannot provide the whole picture of what’s happening subsidiary level.

This is true – digital transformation is reliant on a number of factors – but tools such as EntitySquared do play a highly significant role in subsidiary governance and we are looking forward to demonstrating this and discussing the key issues in our role as sponsor at ICSA on 20 October.

You can register and book up for the event here, follow the discussion on Twitter using the hastag #ICSASubGovConf (eShare’s Twitter account is here) or if you can’t make it but would like to hear more about EntitySquared, please get in touch with us here.

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