Subsidiaries across multiple jurisdictions

How EntitySquared allows me to manage my subsidiaries?

EntitySquared from eShare, the developers of BoardPacks, is a powerful entity management solution designed to help you monitor and control your organisation and its entities. With changes to a group structure happening on a regular basis, EntitySquared allows you to see the entire picture; entity compliance, jurisdiction, parent/child relationships, entity holdings, and your Director register all in one powerful tool. Unlike other systems, it has a simple swipe and zoom interface and can be accessed on a pc, tablet, or even your mobile. The system has been developed to make it easy for the tax teams, mergers & acquisitions, the treasury team, the finance department and company secretary to run reports and see at a glance which entities are meeting their statutory and company compliance obligations before non-compliance occurs. It also helps the board make timely and rational decisions that support the group’s success.

  • Entity details
    Company Details
  • Share classes
    Share Classes
  • Officers
  • Financial results
    Financial Results
  • Meetings
  • Child entities
    Child Entities
  • Compliance
  • Actions
  • Alerts

Supporting better governance

Better than a document repository or database, EntitySquared will deliver the information that you need across departments, time periods and locations and between parent holding companies and their subsidiaries. It aids better reporting and facilitates better collaboration to break down silos that inhibit good communication and transparency. It ensures every board member of every subsidiary can be held to account.

Subsidiary management is one of the key tasks of the finance and legal teams. EntitySquared provides them with a powerful tool in order to control the subsidies beneath them. The entity management system gives the Corporate tax team the tools to find the information they require to be able to make timely and rational decisions that support the group’s compliance and reporting needs.

See your subsidiaries mapped out

Subsidiaries mapped 

EntitySquared gives you the ability to clearly visualise your organisation in the form of a clear subsidiary map;  a clear compliance ratings chart, and the ability to manage your board Directors across the global organisation.

What are the benefits of entity management software?

  • Massively increases efficiency and reduces time spent on governance
  • Clear and concise entity information displayed centrally & remotely
  • Ensures compliance across entire entity
  • Far more powerful than a complex spreadsheet
  • Reduces administrative burden
  • Improved governance procedures