What can Entity Management software do for you?


In a multi-layered organisation, there is a need for a simple to use and comprehensive entity management system which allows you to clearly set out your entity map and manage the complex relationships between them all.

A unified approach to managing your organisation

A unified approach to managing your organisation
Entity Management has become an integral function for ensuring good corporate governance in large global organisations. There is a developing requirement to ensure they are conforming to necessary regulations, meeting their compliance reporting requirements and adequately circumventing corporate risks.
This extra scrutiny is putting the effectiveness of entity structures under extra pressure while already navigating through an uncertain business environment. Many boardrooms have gone until now without having entity management as a priority – but that has changed and they will now have to get to grips with their complex legal entity structures.

Introducing EntitySquared

Better control

Entity management software, such as EntitySquared, puts you in control of your data. The clear dashboard will you help you stay up to date with each entities important activities to ensure they are ticking all the boxes and meeting their corporate compliance obligations.

Better visibility

EntitySquared provides you with a transparent overview and audit trail of your entire company hierarchy to give you the confidence knowing that each board is operating efficiently. From the high level entity management tasks right down the minutes for each of your entities board meetings – you will be able to leave behind the complex spreadsheets and move to a simple modern tool.

Our Entity Management software provides

  • A total organisational overview
  • Each entity’s financial results displayed
  • Entity estate mapping
  • Integrates with comprehensive board and meeting portal solution
  • At-a-glance compliance ratings
  • Optional notifications and alerts
  • Data visualisation
  • All-inclusive audit trail
  • Parent/child entity mapping
  • Colour-coded jurisdictions
  • Detailed shareholding information
  • Available on iPad, tablet or PC