Good governance

Improve governance across your whole corporate structure

Good governance

As your organisation grows, it becomes harder to have control over the whole structure and ensure every subsidiary is well run.

Stay top of the compliance

EntitySquared puts you in the driving seat and helps you stay on top of compliance.

Good governance becomes easier across all your subsidiaries, saving time, mitigating risk and ultimately reducing stress.

One source of truth

Approval process

Centralising all your entity information into one system means security is improved and information can be updated quickly and easily at any time. The approval process in EntitySquared means the people on the ground can propose an update,which can be approved centrally.

You can then automate tasks like updating your entity map, and set up notifications that mean no one ever misses a deadline again.

Board management becomes easier

Board management becomes easier

When organisations and people are located in different countries, it can be a struggle to get hold of the information you need to monitor for each board.

EntitySquared allows the holding company officers to see the full details of the directors and secretaries of each entity, from contact details to the roles they hold and attendance at board meetings.

The clouds lift and you have transparency across your entities

Transparency across your entities

Your main boards may have a board portal but others will simply be maintaining board information in disparate places. Even the smallest subsidiary will have board meeting minutes to record, director appointments and resignations and significant decisions. Centralising this information will make it easier for the holding company to ensure all boards are quorate and meeting corporate requirements.