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EntitySquared FAQs FAQs

EntitySquared can be viewed in almost any web browser* on any laptop, mobile device or personal computer.

You can also use a EntitySquared app, which is an easy and convenient way to access your meetings on your tablet. There is an app available for the iPad and soon to be devices running Windows or Android.

*For Internet Explorer, the minimum requirement is IE10 or 11, if it is any lower it will still work but there may be some small limitations to functionality.

Hosted: You can store and access your data from one of our servers in our secure data centres. This is known as a private cloud. eShare security approved staff will have access to your data, but will only do so if you ask them to, e.g. in a support call to help you iron out any issues. eShare staff will not have access to your data.

For every customer we are on hand between 8am and 5.30pm UK time. If you use our hosted or on-premise products you can call our Support team any time of the day or night. It doesn’t matter what time it is, if you call us we promise to get back to you as soon as possible (our specific SLA is within 2 hrs but it is usually more immediate). You can also email on We also have an online chat which is manned 8am – 5.30pm (UK time) available from our website, or in the product itself. No matter how minor the problem is, if it is a problem for you, we are on hand to sort it out.

Setting up your organisation’s information is simple. We send you an Excel spreadsheet with the column headings pre-configured for you to complete with the relevant information. We then convert this information into a database, which is hosted on our ISO27001 secure servers. This is then available for you to access via web view or via our tablet app. Any changes you then make will then be automatically uploaded to our servers, securing this information.

No, once the user has a license all updates are free. When a new version is available, as a user, you will be notified.

Yes, both your login details and all your data is encrypted (AES 256-bit SSL). There are measures that individuals can take to protect their information, such as having a password on the computer or tablet that they are using, and keeping it locked when not using it.

Currently EntitySquared is available as a tablet app on iOS for iPad. We will shortly be releasing tablet apps for Android and Windows devices too.

EntitySquared is regularly penetration tested by external security specialists. They check the infrastructure, the web application, and the tablet apps. If you require details of the penetration tests, please get in contact and someone will be able to go through a more detailed overview with you.

We take customer feedback very seriously and every suggestion made gets put to our product development team for consideration before any future releases. If you have any suggestions you feel would improve your experience using EntitySquared, please email them to

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