Centralise and visualise

Build in security and convenience

Centralise and visualise

Each additional entity and jurisdiction you enter multiplies the complexity of your corporate structure. Spreadsheets can quickly become out of date and cumbersome to manage. If you centralise all this information on a secure platform where you can control permissions you can free up your time.

ISO 27001 registered

Security should be a priority

Today, malware or hackers are not an uncommon story and email or shared drives are usually an easy target. Using software designed to be secure is surely better than using spreadsheets, thus protecting your company information from potential cyber attacks.

Our whole company is ISO 27001 compliant from our datacentres to our security processes, meaning our client’s data is kept secure. The auditor commended us saying we were a ‘benchmark for the industry’.

EntitySquared allows you to control access, granting read-only or edit access as appropriate to ensure that subsidiary information is up-to-date and compliant without causing a security loophole.

Visualise your entity map

Visualise your entity map

The EntitySquared tablet app visualises your entity map in real time, so you don’t need to waste time drawing it up on paper. View entities on a world map and zoom in or out to switch between entities, or just use a text search. Then tap on it to drill into the details.

Good design empowers users

Whether accessing EntitySquared via a browser or the app, the design is easy to navigate and intuitive enough to find what you need quickly.

  • Tab between entity information, people, rules, compliance and reports
  • Scroll to see the financial details, parent/child relationships, key people, meeting minutes and more for each entity
  • Create a report in minutes including any parameters you need

Set up and edit rules to implement a corporate compliance system across multiple entities