GEMS v Blueprint OneWorld Entity Management Systems

Best entity management software

Finding the best entity management software

Which is the best entity management tool?

Best entity management tool

Finding the best entity management software that fits your company’s needs is a difficult job. So we have listed a number of important factors to bare in mind when you are evaluating any product to use. Ask yourself:

  • Can you see your whole entity map easily?
  • Can you drill down through the map to see the details of each entity at the click of a mouse or swipe?
  • Does the system integrate smoothly with an industry standard board portal like BoardPacks?
  • How good is the support team? are they there when you need them?

There is no point in discovering that a support team take 2 hours to get back to you when you are in the middle of your year end and need answers. So,

GEMS or Blueprint OneWorld, which is best?

In the end you have to make the best decision for your company, however if you want an intuitive product designed to work across all the platforms your senior teams will use, you should look at EntitySquared from eShare the developers of BoardPacks.

We have built on our extensive board portal experience to develop a product which is intuitive, simple to use and very very powerful. It integrates seamlessly with BoardPacks and includes a light version of BoardPacks enabling you to monitor your boards to a very granular level. If you want to find out more contact us today.