Subsidiary Management

Manage all subsidiaries easily and effectively.

Subsidiary management

Clear mapping of each foreign subsidiary

Hassle free subsidiary mapping for greater visibility.

Clear mapping of each foreign subsidiary

Questions about the number of branches and their locations can become complicated to resolve without a comprehensive corporate structure chart.

A multi-national and multi-layered organisation resembles a jumble of roots, with interconnections and multiple parent child relationships across jurisdictions and continents. Teasing apart this interconnected mass that has developed over many years represents a significant entity management challenge to Holding Companies.

EntitySquared with its unique tablet view family tree structure allows you to see the whole structure in one simple interactive interface. You can see at a glance how many branches your subsidiary entity has and where they are located; adding texture and context to your reports.

Effortless subsidiary management and monitoring

An efficient way to get a enhanced view of each entity.

Effortless subsidiary management and monitoring

Entity management software is a better way to get a better view of jurisdiction that an entity sits in, giving you the ability to simplify the management of your national and international obligations.

Each record clearly notes what form the subsidiary takes, Limited Company, PLC, GmbH, Inc, LLC, Joint Venture or partnership enabling you to understand the company types that exist within your entity map.

Only EntitySquared gives you this in depth, deep-dive, access and insight into the workings and spread of your subsidiaries. Information that will allow you to understand and take the necessary actions you need to in order to meet your compliance obligations across jurisdictions.

Manage and review your subsidiary shareholding

Be empowered to make better decisions with the full facts.

Manage and review your subsidiary shareholding

It is vital that companies maintain their own share register that records the company’s share and shareholder details, but the management of that across multi-jurisdiction entities can be time consuming and difficult.

EntitySquared’s subsidiary management system gives users the ability to see their full shareholding details drilled down by individual subsidiary that gives you a clearer picture of the ownership percentage of each one, so you are empowered to make rational ownership decisions with the full facts to hand.