Boardroom Governance

Monitor subsidiary governance performance.

Boardroom governance

Board management has never been so easy

EntitySquared’s simple board management interface allows the holding company officers to see the full details of the Directors and Secretaries at each entity, along with their details and biographies.
People management

By combining biographical information with company performance and access to the annual figures you have a true 360 view of each of your entities.

The ability to combine the Director register with your subsidiary’s results allows you see which of your entities is a “star” and which needs more attention allowing you to focus on your “problem children” before the issue becomes critical and to allow those subsidiaries that need only a light touch to be able to move forward.

Record meeting within entity management software

Three simple steps to complete your task quickly and effectively.


Create Meeting


Record Attendance


Upload Minutes

With EntitySquared’s in-built meeting functionality you still have the option to record essential meeting attendance and discussion, without the use of a board portal.

When organisations and people are located in different countries and continents it can be a struggle to get hold of the information you need to monitor your boardroom meeting activity. EntitySquared gives each entity a way to avoid falling victim to upsets by maintaining transparency in how a board are running their meetings and maintains accountability for decisions they make.

The directory also contains the full activity history and schedule of each person – so you can check if, and what, meetings they have been attending. This allows you to have clear evidence that individuals are doing what they should be, and were present when important decisions were made.

Integrate with board portal for greater transparency

EntitySquared is the only entity management software that allows for integration with a board portal.

Entity management software integrates with board portal

BoardPacks board portal software builds better corporate governance and collates all of your meeting information into a central platform.

Once you integrate BoardPacks in to your EntitySquared system you will be able to connect to the data from the board portal to show the board’s minutes, actions and decisions giving you a clear insight in to your entity’s operations and how each organisation is handling their governance activities.


BoardPacks presents your board members a route to efficient, productive and compliant meetings through its interactive agendas, secure meetings, document management and better governance decision making systems. Flexibility to select modules and save your cost. Available modules to select:

  • Meetings


  • Decisions


  • Controls


  • Knowledge


  • Administration