Effortless entity management

Easy to use entity management solution that saves your time and money.

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The benefits of using an entity management solution

  • Present your organisation chart without any preparation; no design work is needed, it already looks professional
  • Keep entity information up-to-date easily at a local level and signed off centrally with an approval process and permissions.
  • Keep an eye on the figures or graphs for your organisation, with a dashboard view.
  • Generate a report on just about anything with minimal effort knowing you have up to the minute data in the format you need.
  • Never miss a filing date with our alerts and notifications.
  • Easily see each directors’ roles, responsibilities and attendance records
  • Share sensitive information with the permissions trimmed secure document repository
  • Maintain share classes, share holdings and financial information by country or region
  • Demonstrate compliance for your industry with editable rules, colour coded ratings and historical records
  • Easily zoom through your entire corporate structure to visualise the relationships between entities, or into the smallest subsidiary to view details like shares and meeting minutes.

Our entity management software provides

Corporate Compliance

Failure to meet corporate compliance requirements at just one subsidiary can spell disaster for the entire organisation.

EntitySquared compliance management tools lift the burden from the shoulders of your controllers and keeps your organisation in good stead by ensuring you fulfil your compliance responsibilities.

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Subsidiary Management

If your organisation has a large number of subsidiaries with a variety of tiers and across many regions, it can be difficult to manage them. Language and culture barriers plus changing regulatory requirements mean that it is not always easy to ensure each subsidiary is compliant. Only EntitySquared gives large companies a simple dashboard to map out and monitor each subsidiary in a way that suits you best.

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Boardroom Governance

How do you monitor the performance of all your board members across the globe?

With EntitySquared’s board management interface you can monitor boardroom attendance, discussions and decisions to ensure good governance is being followed and increase visibility across all your entities.

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