A fresh approach to entity management

Powerful enough to deal with today’s problems; flexible enough to support you with whatever tomorrow brings.

The smarter approach to subsidiary governance

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EntitySquared is available on your iPad so you can carry your organisational structure, and every bit of entity information with you wherever you go. We make sure your data remains secure with encrypted storage and 256Bit SSL secured data transfer.

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A better way to manage your entities

Our not-so-secret ingredient is that we design our software around our customer’s needs so you can access the information you need easily, whenever and wherever you need it. We want to help you work smarter and faster, and have full knowledge and control of your entities so you succeed where others fail.

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The clients we work with are delighted by the intuitive design of EntitySquared. We have consulted with a multinational professional services firm to develop EntitySquared and they are now using it for their clients. We continue to listen to all our clients, to inform our continued development to keep it fresh and relevant for whatever challenges you face.

How to buy

How to buy EntitySquared

There are several pricing options available, so please talk to our sales team to discuss your needs. Upon signing the contract, our client relations team will work with you to set up your site and migrate your data. They will arrange training with the administrators so they can then add users and set up permissions.

The support team will be on hand to help you with any issues that crop up following the set up phase.

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