EntitySquared nominated as “Best Of Knowledge Management” for 2017

Best Of Knowledge Management

EntitySquared by eShare has received a nomination in the ‘Best of Knowledge Management’ category from the Initiative Mittelstand IT, which now means that all of eShare’s products have been nominated in this year’s awards.

The Initiative Mittelstand IT Leaderboard supports companies in the search for new and suitable IT solutions.

As a guide of the most innovative products and solutions for small and medium-sized businesses, the IT Leaderboard presents winners and particularly innovative submissions across different platforms such as apps and software from sectors such as IT security and knowledge management from companies around the world.

eShare are extremely proud to have been nominated for these awards which include; ‘Best of Communication’ for MeetingSquared, BoardPacks SaaS and our on-premise solution as well as ‘Best of Knowledge Management’ for EntitySquared.

eShare has also received nominations in the ‘Industrie Preis Best of 2017’ awards, which gets 2017 off to a great start for eShare and is fantastic recognition for all the hard work behind the scenes in making our business tools the market leading solutions for governance compliance, meeting management and entity management.

Daniel Tin, Regional Sales Manager for DACHLU, said about the awards:

“These days, good governance is at the top of the business agenda thanks to some high profile issues in the past few years. Because of this, board members have an ever increasing responsibility to ensure that their organisations are well run.

EntitySquared is a relatively new product, so this award from the initiative ‘Innovative Mittelstand’, for Best Of Knowledge-Management heralds a great future for our entity management solution that we are all very excited about.”

The public voting is now open and we will be keeping a close eye on the vote and look forward to hearing the results when they are published later in the year, but if you want to know more about the public vote, then please send an e-mail to redaktion@imittelstand.de

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