EntitySquared awarded Rising Star award by Finances Online


2017 has been a fantastic year for us at eShare and we have been reflecting on all the amazing events we have attended. Meeting people and having discussions on improving corporate governance is something we thrive on as a business Having these conversations are not only vital to us for improving our own software.

One of the undoubted highlights of the year has been launching our entity management platform, EntitySquared, and being able to showcase this to a whole new audience at the events we have attended. Being able to witness the positive reaction to this has been a real pleasure, but also having the chance to fully understand the needs of organisations and the struggles they face when it comes to entity management.

At the recent ICSA Subsidiary Governance Conference, we polled the company secretaries in attendance of their use of subsidiary governance software and discovered that 66% of those in attendance were using an entity management solution. However we were shocked to find out that 86% of those surveyed agreed that communication is a struggle between their entities, and only 28% were confident that their subsidiaries are on top of the relevant regulations in their jurisdictions. Using entity management software should put you in the driving seat and help you stay on top of compliance.

EntitySquared streamlines your entity management, saving time, mitigating risk and ultimately reducing stress. The dashboard allows you to keep an eye on the KPIs that matter to you or your industry. We created EntitySquared to be used globally therefore, you can tailor it to whatever regulations you have to adhere to for the territories you cover. As regulations change and organisations evolve, we wanted to create our solution to support organisations as time goes on. The ultimate way EntitySquared ensures good governance is by integrating with our board portal so you can see information like the minutes or directors attendance for any subsidiary with a few clicks.

By canvassing feedback and tailoring the solution to the genuine needs of organisations around the world, EntitySquared is a solution that is providing real help in the fight for better governance, so much so that it was awarded the Rising Star 2017 award by the experts at Finances Online in a recent review, also picking up their Great User Experience award.

“Whether you are searching for minutes of the meetings, documents, board discussions, and more, EntitySquared delivers everything you specify with just a few clicks. Armed with the data you need, you can make smart business decisions, take decisive actions, and steer your organization to the direction you want.” – FinancesOnline

If you would like to know more about how eShare’s entity management and board portal solutions can help your organisation innovate around how you manage your entities, or to arrange a demo to see this in action, please get in touch. To read the full review click here.

FinancesOnline’s Rising Star award for top business process management software is given to software products that are viewed as a reliable platform by users and have become increasingly popular on the market. Meanwhile, software solutions that receive the Great User Experience award are proven to be user-friendly in facilitating one’s work processes.

P.S. We’re happy to announce that we’re one of the recommended business process management software alternatives by FinancesOnline to a leading BPM platform in our niche.

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