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Edition 1: Empowering digital transformation for non-profits

Non- profits today are at a cross-roads. Whilst charitable donations are at an all-time high in the US, competition for these donations has never been greater. Non-profit organizations have to look at new ways to improve efficiencies as well as increasing their donor and support network.

Technology has changed every aspect of our lives, yet for some organizations, the benefits of this change have not yet been felt. IT infrastructures are struggling under the weight of increased demands and costing too much time and money for little results.

eShare have collaborated with IT experts; from digital partners specializing in assisting non-profits, to the IT giants Microsoft, to bring you this magazine focused on aiding digital transformation in non-profits and giving you the tools to achieve this.

Featured in this edition:

  • Choosing the right tools
  • Interviews with experts
  • Getting the most out of your digital infrastructure
  • Case studies and examples of non-profits already reaping the rewards
  • Benefits of better information governance

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