Paperless Boardrooms

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Aug, 18

Overcoming remote working challenges in the NHS

Collaboration and remote working in the NHS and Healthcare

The transfer of knowledge between the NHS practices and CCGs is vital for the running of a successful healthcare system. CCGs run hospitals and GP surgeries across England and in charge of buying services to fit the need of the populations they serve, they are governed by an elected group of GPs, doctors, surgeons and… Read more »


Jun, 17

At the forefront of the digital transformation

At the forefront of the digital transformation

More and more organisations are making digital transformation a priority, but do they fully understand what this movement is trying to achieve? In short, digital transformation is the process of adopting and integrating technology within your business activities, processes and competencies to fully leverage the opportunities that technology presents us. Many organizations make the mistake… Read more »


Nov, 16

eShare research highlights the need for World Paper Free Day

Paperless boardroom

It’s a very special time of the year right now. No, I don’t mean bonfire night, I am talking about World Paper Free Day, which takes place today (4 November). This is an annual occurrence, managed by information management professional body AIIM. It encourages organisations all over the world come together to reduce the amount… Read more »


Jul, 16

Are companies finally realising that paper-based board meetings are inefficient and costly?

Paperless boardroom

We’ve been busy over the last few months, conducting research with company secretaries at UK-based businesses, asking them how they prepare board packs, how often their boards meet and what tools are used to prepare a board pack. Old fashioned boardrooms remain resistant to change The findings showed that 48% of respondents are still using… Read more »


Mar, 16

Why the boardroom should be taking advantage of paperless meetings

Shredded paper

Boardroom meetings and paperwork have always gone hand in hand. Each meeting needs a large bundle of paperwork, traditionally known as a board pack. These board packs involve someone managing and collating a pile of important documents which are notoriously a lot of hassle for everyone involved – from the admin that prepares them to… Read more »