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Sep, 18

Digital transformation starts at the top

Digital transformation is a term we are hearing more and more, especially in the public sector, as the government pushes for greater efficiencies for less money, something they believe digital solutions will help with. However, digital transformation can feel like you are treading through murky waters, happy that your heads are above the water, yet… Read more »


Sep, 18

Restricting the damage of rogue directors

Sometimes in our working lives, we come across colleagues at all levels that have abrasive personalities. Sometimes it can be people that don’t appear very passionate about the organisation at all. When it comes to seeking advice or help, we tend to look to our supervisors and managers for direction. In turn, managers will look… Read more »


May, 18

New BoardPacks features shine at the London user group

Last month, eShare held their annual BoardPacks London user group at The National Gallery in Trafalgar Square. These sessions provide BoardPacks users the opportunity to learn about upcoming features as well as put forward their own suggestions for improving the platform. These sessions also provide us with greater insights into how the solution is being… Read more »


Apr, 18

Batten down the hatches: are you ready for the data storm?

Under Armour security breach

With the GDPR deadline approaching, organisations across all sectors are scrambling to make sure they are compliant, with the fear of large fines being handed down as well as potential personal penalties. For some organisations, it will feel as though the deadline is approaching too soon, however it’s not just this regulation companies are struggling… Read more »


Mar, 18

Does size matter? Bigger isn’t always better for your business

Does size matter in the board room?

Since the dawn of time, size has been used as a demonstration of power and success. Whether you’re considering the Great Pyramids to display personal worth and status, significant European castles to demonstrate wealth and power or high-rise sky scrapers to show success in business, size always mattered. But does increased size now just equal… Read more »