Jan, 18

New year, same problems? How fit is your board?

Board fitness- how fit is your board?

Coughs and colds are common at this time of year, but another bug has hit eShare HQ hard this winter; the fitness bug. The Christmas spirit has fizzled out and the consequential reality of our holiday excess is hitting home. Each January you expect the ‘new year, new me’ attitude to be bandied about in… Read more »


Dec, 17

What your Christmas jumper says about you

The time of year has come around where all you can see in the office is sparkles, lights and everything nice. We all love a Christmas jumper, in fact a recent poll states that a whopping 73% of us love this Christmas tradition. With that in mind we thought we’d have a bit of fun… Read more »


Dec, 17

The twelve days of meetings

It’s that time of year again when thoughts turn to mince pies, tacky jumpers and putting your feet up in front of yet more re-runs of Only Fools and Horses. But for some, the luxury of enjoying this time of year is not one they are afforded. If you find yourself busier than ever in… Read more »


Nov, 17

Remember, Remember…

Remember, Remember our company eShare, BoardPacks and EntitySquared. We see no reason why security treason Should ever be forgot. Cyber criminals do scheme, To blow your business entities. Trading personal information, To prove your company’s overthrow. By careful planning they’ll be stopp’d With a solution from eShare, their threat is a flop. So holler boys,… Read more »


Oct, 17

What’s spooky about your board?

While we provide technology to support boards, we know it is the human element that is crucial to success. As with every group of people you will always find some particular ‘characters’ and with Halloween in mind, we decided to have a bit of fun with some of the more terrifying and disruptive personalities you… Read more »