May, 18

Embracing innovation at this year’s Thomson Reuters Unlisted conference

The role of the company secretary is one that we have discussed at great length before in previous blogs and whitepapers, however, such is the ever-changing nature of the position that we never run out of things to discuss, which is something we’re looking forward to doing at this year’s Thomson Reuters Forum for Unlisted… Read more »


May, 18

Digital Transformation: do the benefits outweigh the headaches for public sector organisations?

Public services within the UK are facing constant increases in demand combined with further cuts meaning they need to be more efficient with the resources they have. The advancement of technology has improved processes in much of the private sector, however for public sector organisations adoption has been tough. Outdated IT systems, budgetary issues and… Read more »


Apr, 18

Understanding the potential of digital transformation in the public sector

Digital Transformation in the Public Sector Conference 2018

The numerous pressures facing public sector organisations are leaving many scratching their heads to know how they can continue their day-to-day work around these constantly changing demands. For example, by 2020 local councils will have seen central funding fall by a staggering 77%. Further cuts to an already stretched service from the government are being… Read more »


Apr, 18

GDPR, the biggest headache for administrators at AUA 2018

AUA Post Event 2018

With the dust settling from our time at the AUA Annual Conference, it was great to attend and sponsor the event over the two days and reflect on what a fantastic event it was. Hosted at University Place, University of Manchester, the conference gave stage to a plethora of first class speakers, who spent the… Read more »


Mar, 18

Brexit and beyond: The key talking points at this year’s AUA conference

Brexit and beyond: AUA Conference 2018

BoardPacks is a user friendly, intuitive online board portal designed around improving the efficiency of board meetings. The portal is a paperless solution that makes a noticeable difference for the board members, executives and trustees attending but also for the administrators setting up these meetings. Being able to help administrators use their time better and… Read more »