Sep, 18

Digital transformation starts at the top

Digital transformation is a term we are hearing more and more, especially in the public sector, as the government pushes for greater efficiencies for less money, something they believe digital solutions will help with. However, digital transformation can feel like you are treading through murky waters, happy that your heads are above the water, yet… Read more »


Aug, 18

Mobile access is opening new doors for directors in Africa

Mobile access is opening new doors for directors in Africa

How organisations distribute their board packs has evolved over time. Whilst digital alternatives have begun to take hold, many organisations continue to use paper or PDF documents. The continued use of paper has dogged many organisations with issues that not only add to the stress of the board meetings, but also reduce the focus of… Read more »


Jul, 18

Fostering innovation creates better decision-making at African Corporate Governance Conference

African Corporate Governance Conference

Board members find themselves tasked with looking after the health and direction of an organisation and this comes with a multitude of complex tasks, including directing the culture within the organisation. So with a dramatic rise in technology uptake over the years, it is time for them to get on board and start using technology… Read more »


Jul, 18

Reducing conflict and ensuring better board decision-making at ICSA

Reducing conflict and ensuring better board decision-making at ICSA.

Risk management after the 2007 global financial crisis became much more of a focus, as the days of companies overstretching themselves and their resources could continue no longer. Pre or post crisis, the management of risk has always been a task the board must take seriously and do well. A good board needs to be… Read more »


Jul, 18

Collaboration the key at ICSA Conference 2018

Since 2004, when eShare was founded, the aspiration was to create something more than a digital board papers solution, it needed to be something that cultivates a culture of collaboration. We believe that greater collaboration between board members helps build much stronger foundations for decision-making. Often board members will have competing agendas, which can on… Read more »