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May, 18

Racing towards crunch time for public service pension schemes

A stable and secure retirement is the base aspiration for anyone of working age in the UK, especially so for those working in the public sector, who may not be earning as much as they could potentially in the private sector, however the latest report published by the Pensions Regulator paints a very different picture…. Read more »


May, 18

How diligent is your board?

How diligent is your board?

With today’s corporate landscape, it should come as no surprise that the need for good corporate governance is vital. With examples such as the collapse of construction giant Carillion or the Volkswagen diesel dupe scandal, there has never been a better time to shine the spotlight on organisations and demand for more accountability. When looking… Read more »


Mar, 18

Does size matter? Bigger isn’t always better for your business

Does size matter in the board room?

Since the dawn of time, size has been used as a demonstration of power and success. Whether you’re considering the Great Pyramids to display personal worth and status, significant European castles to demonstrate wealth and power or high-rise sky scrapers to show success in business, size always mattered. But does increased size now just equal… Read more »


Jan, 18

2018 starting with a bang for BoardPacks

BoardPacks update 2018

The welcoming in of the New Year is often a time for looking back and reflecting on the year just past. For eShare, 2017 was a fantastic year of growth, to better support our new clients and strengthen our relationships with existing users of our solutions. We hope to continue this in 2018, but what… Read more »


Jul, 17

In the climate of digital transformation, BoardPacks is more than just a pretty face

BoardPacks more than a pretty face

‘How can companies formed and established during the analogue age (or even before that) respond and survive in the digital era?’ This was a question posed at FundForum International 2017 and was the starting point for a lively discussion around a sometimes-contentious subject, digital transformation. The rate of which technology has been adopted into every… Read more »