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In today’s climate, improving productivity and efficiency and driving ROI is a must for any organisation. Many people would be surprised to realise that purchasing a board portal can actually save them money even in the first year. From our research among mid-sized organisations, the average number of board level meetings a year is 12, which based on 22 hours of meeting preparation and an average meeting pack of 200 sheets, could represent a cost saving of more than £14,000.

If you send meeting packs out by courier you can save another £2,880.

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Luton and Dunstable NHS Foundation Trust saved approximately £175,000 in meeting-related costs.

Most directors adapt quickly to using the tablet app and find that it saves them time and can more easily prepare for meetings. They will also be better informed, as they can quickly access past meetings, minutes and notes.

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“We estimated printing and postage was costing us around £5,000 – £6,000 each year and by sending printed packs so far ahead of a meeting, we were risking some of the data, particularly the financials, being out of date by the time the meeting came around.”

– Exeter college