More convenient

Quick access to everything you need

More convenient

BoardPacks is a user-friendly, intuitive board portal, accessible on a PC, phone or tablet. It is an easy way to improve governance, compliance and save time.

BoardPacks for directors

For directors

Carrying a tablet or phone is so much more convenient compared to a paper pack or long PDFs. Offline access means any BoardPacks user can review their board materials from wherever they are, at any time.

Most people find they can pick up the BoardPacks app and find their way around in just a couple of minutes. It makes preparing for meetings so much easier.

For administrators

Too many organisations are still unnecessarily relying on their administrators or corporate secretaries to compile massive stacks of paper for each board meeting.

BoardPacks reduces the time it takes to put a meeting pack together down to a matter of minutes. Once published, notifications are sent to board members, who can record their attendance. Any new papers or changes to the agenda can also be highlighted to them with a notification. Beyond meetings, BoardPacks can save you time

  • Carry out board evaluations with the digital survey tool
  • Actions can be digitised so reminders help complete them on time.
  • Digital minutes created from within the agenda, not only make the process easier, but also helps the board members when they can access the information in topic history.