Improve meetings in the boardroom

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Meeting management

Meeting management is the heart of the BoardPacks board portal reflecting the central role that meetings play in the board member’s role.

Meeting management for boardrooms

The Meetings module means that everyone knows when and where they are meeting, what documents will be discussed (and where to find and reference them) and what was discussed in previous meetings. In the tablet app, all the information you need for every board you serve is in one place.

Interactive agenda

Everything you need is available from your meeting agenda screen, so you can access it quickly and easily.

Interactive agenda

The agenda is interactive, which means documents, links, decisions and third-party integration are linked from agenda items instead of having to scroll through a large PDF. Minutes, actions and risk controls are available from the agenda screen at the touch of a button so you can easily find what was agreed at the last meeting and who was tasked with progressing that item.


The feature-rich meetings module means that not only can an agenda be created in super quick time but it is just as easy to create actions.

Build an audit trail to demonstrate compliance

Actions can be set up with a reminder, deadline and owner to ensure progress is made between meetings. You can easily review them to see which are complete, or those outstanding for each committee. Most of us are busy, so reminders help those responsible to do their actions on time.


Surveys are a quick way for organisers to gather opinions from their users.

Gather opinion via BoardPacks surveys module

Create surveys with a variety of answer options including multiple choice, drop down and a rating scale to get feedback. Comments and documents can be added to the survey so respondents can cast their opinions once they have reviewed these. People can then be invited to take the survey by adding groups of users at the point where the survey is published along with a deadline date. It is also possible to create a template with a set of questions that can be reused.