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Procuring and implementing any new systems can be a challenge too far for many organisations. The task of sourcing software designed to make your life easier often adds greater complexities to your workload. Fortunately, there is a solution

The G-Cloud framework allows public sector bodies to source data solutions quicker and easier than ever before. Organisations can rest safe in the knowledge that all software suppliers listed in the framework have gone through a rigorous vetting programme and are of the highest quality and follow all security regulations.

eShare are proud to be a preferred partner on the G-Cloud framework, allowing public sector organisations greater flexibility and expediency when choosing their governance software provider.

With G-Cloud 10 opening in the coming months, there has never been a better time to start your journey towards digital transformation and better governance. You can find eShare’s solutions on the framework by following this link.

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A complete governance board portal

BoardPacks is a board portal that not only helps our customers have more effective meetings but also helps them make better decisions and stay on top of risk management, and compliance.

  • Manage board meetings, risk, decisions and documents in one place
  • Intuitive design, accessible on a PC or any tablet app or smart phone
  • Demonstrate better accountability, transparency and collaboration

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