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BoardPacks FAQs

BoardPacks can be viewed in almost any web browser* on any laptop, mobile device or personal computer. Click here to login
You can also use a BoardPacks app, which is an easy and convenient way to access your meetings on your tablet. There is an app available for the iPad and devices running Windows or Android.

*For Internet Explorer, the minimum requirement is IE10 or 11, if it is any lower it will still work but there may be some small limitations to functionality.

Yes, eShare is GDPR compliant. GDPR is a regulation that was brought into place due to increasing concerns about the privacy of the citizens of the European Union. GDPR now includes cookies and IP addresses as personal data as well as name, email and address etc which were originally classified as personal by the Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC it replaces. It also requires companies to be more clear and active in communicating how they manage your data. To understand how we manage your data please visit our privacy policy. If you have any questions please email

You can choose from: (1) Hosted: You can store and access your data from one of our servers in our secure data centres. This is known as a private cloud. eShare security approved staff will have access to your data, but will only do so if you ask them to, e.g. in a support call to help you iron out any issues. (3) Office 365: If you have Office 365 already, or want this low cost solution for hosting your data, your information will be stored in your SharePoint directories in a Microsoft Azure data centre (the Microsoft cloud). When data is required, MeetingSquared 365 provides a view of the data stored in these directories. Your admin team will need to install the app on your SharePoint site. eShare staff will not have access to your data.

For every customer we are on hand between 8am and 5.30pm UK time. If you use our hosted products you can call our Support team any time of the day or night. It doesn’t matter what time it is, if you call us we promise to get back to you as soon as possible (our specific SLA is within 2 hrs but it is usually more immediate). You can also email on We also have an online chat which is manned 8am – 5.30pm (UK time) available from our website, or in the product itself. No matter how minor the problem is, if it is a problem for you, we are on hand to sort it out.

We make the set-up as easy and as smooth as possible. The exact set up depends on the product, package and hosting choice you make. The Office 365 app, is just a case of downloading the app from the store to your SharePoint site. For those using our hosted solutions, we send you a questionnaire to provide us with all the information we need to get your site set up and then we help you migrate your data over and provide any training the administrators or users need.

With our products for Office 365 what your users see is in your control. For our hosted solutions, you can nominate ‘Controllers’ who can assign user names, set permissions and issue log in details. When a controller creates a new user they allocate them to a group, which controls what they can see, in the case of BoardPacks this will be meetings, actions and decisions for a particular committee. In BoardPacks you can also assign ‘Meeting Controllers’ and this role can redact specific agenda items and associated documents within meetings so they can control which items each meeting attendee can see.

Yes there are different user types with different access levels. Contribute (Read, Write, Delete); User (Read, Write); Read (Read only)

There are typically two different types of users within our software that allow segregation of duty. Typical users only have the ability to view, edit and upload documents, whereas “controllers” have the ability to delete documents and create new meeting sites. Segregation of duties can be defined at a more granular level by creating additional security groups if required so as to more accurately mirror an organisation’s hierarchy.

Yes, you can access BoardPacks app at any time and from anywhere. If you don’t have wifi, you can still access BoardPacks app to see your meetings, decisions etc.  If you have wifi, as soon as you are reconnected any annotations you have made will be automatically synced back to the server and saved.  By clicking on refresh, any new documents added to the meeting will be downloaded to the app. To ensure your documents are up-to-date it is recommended that you go online as often as you can and refresh your meetings, so new information can be updated.

Any changes made to the meeting agenda, documents or links will be updated immediately in the web browser and tablet apps, provided the users are online. The user just needs to touch the refresh button if they are already in the meeting in the app. Controllers can also update the PDF pack by clicking to update this with the changes and sending this out again.

No, once the user has a license all updates are free. When a new version is available, as a user, you will be notified.

In order to protect the security of your information, you are unable to import data from other applications.

If you sit on multiple boards, then provided each has a BoardPacks licence, you will see all your boards, committees and meetings for each all in one screen.

Yes, both your login details and all your data is encrypted (AES 256-bit SSL). There are measures that individuals can take to protect their information, such as having a password on the computer or tablet that they are using, and keeping it locked when not using it.

Data is encrypted on the SQL server using Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) using a 256bit AES certificate.

End users with forgotten/lost passwords are directed towards the self-service password utility, the link to the utility can be found on the eShare application login screen. The user needs to enter their username and email address correctly and then a link to reset their password will be emailed to them. If the username or email address do not match what is held in eShare’s directory, the link will not be sent. The link in the email expires after 24 hours plus all interaction with the password reset tool is logged.

Any user who contacts support for a password reset will be required to confirm their login and email address whereby support can initiate the password reset link. The customer’s authorised contact can also initiate a password reset link by utilising the “send welcome email” link within the utilities on the application.

No, eShare recommends that a user changes their password following their initial logon, however we do not force regular changes of their passwords due to the risk of users writing their passwords down. We have a password policy that includes not being able to reuse the last 24 passwords.

The policy is:  Passwords have a minimum age of 24 hours.

Passwords must be at least 7 characters.

Password must meet complexity requirements, i.e. the password must contain at least three of the following four groups:  o Uppercase letters  o Lowercase letters  o Numbers  o Non-Alphanumeric  Not contain the user’s account name or parts of the user’s full name that exceed two consecutive characters  Must not contain “Admin”, “Password” or “eShare”.

Your last 24 passwords may not be reused. Custom fine grained password policies are configurable on a per client basis by eShare support but must be deemed stronger that the default policy.

Currently BoardPacks and MeetingSquared tablet apps are available for Android, iPad and Windows tablets. We are continually reviewing other opportunities, so please check with the sales team for the latest plans.

7 languages are available in the iPad apps for BoardPacks and MeetingSquared: English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese and Polish.

6 languages are available in the Windows apps for BoardPacks and MeetingSquared: English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish and Polish.

5 languages are available in the web view for BoardPacks only: English, French, German, Dutch and Spanish.

6 languages are available in the Android app for BoardPacks and MeetingSquared: English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish and Polish.

If you would like any other languages please ask.

You can access BoardPacks on any web browser* so if you don’t want to use a tablet, you can use a laptop in the meeting. The PDF pack means that if a board members wants to continue with their paper pack then they also have this option.

*For Internet Explorer we recommend using IE 10 or above, as lower than this there are some small limitations to functionality.

Your annotations are stored locally and on the server for your own personal use and reference, however, if you want to share them you can choose to send documents with your annotations to any of your colleagues via email.

eShare employs a number of hosting locations. In the UK we use an ex-Ministry of Defence nuclear bunker in the UK, which was purpose built to protect both data and people under threat of a nuclear attack. The security features include ID checks on entry, industrial standard firewalls, solid steel doors, steel reinforced blast proof walls, CCTV, and military electromagnetic pulse protection, we also have a fail over site in a similarly secure location. In Europe we have Luxembourg hosting, which is compliant with PSF and CSSF regulations. Both hosting locations have extensive data security and ISO 27001 certification. We have data hosting based in South Africa.

BoardPacks is regularly penetration tested by external security specialists. They check the infrastructure, the web application, and the tablet apps. If you require details of the penetration tests, please get in contact and someone will be able to go through a more detailed overview with you.

If your information is safe in the location where it is stored, and if it is safe when it is on your device, you need to also make sure it is safe when your data is being transferred between the server and your device. All data transfer is encrypted with a 256-bit SSL certificate.

Logon details are never stored on disk. There are minimum requirements for the complexity of passwords. Clients have the ability to set their own password complexity requirements. For added security, you can choose to have two-factor authentication. This means you have two parts to your login, your own chosen password, and a one-time randomly generated one, which you receive on your mobile or smart phone.

If credentials are not authenticated after a set time period, the decryption key (that is needed to view the documents) will expire and access to the app will be denied. For additional tablet security, eShare provide a managed tablet service. This simplifies the tablet procurement process, whilst ensuring the highest level of tablet security. eShare takes care of purchasing, training, and device maintenance. Additionally, managed tablets can be insured against loss, theft, or damage.

The managed tablet plan may include mobile data and enforced security policies including compulsory passcode locks, remote wipe, and multi-app encryption depending on which option you choose. Please check with a member of the sales team if the managed tablet service is available in your region.

When hardware needs destroying eShare will first remove all data with the latest secure erasure software. This way data is permanently removed and no longer recoverable. The device will then be destroyed.

You can set up Touch ID on your iPad by tapping Settings > Touch ID & Passcode. This feature is only available on the iPad Air 2 or iPad Mini 3 tablets (also iPhone 5S, 6 and 6 Plus). You need to set up your fingerprint by touching the Home button, which is the dimpled button in the centre of the shortest side of the iPad. You have to do this several times to set it up. More information is here If you want the BoardPacks app to use the Touch ID password recognition to access your site instead of your password, you need to have set up Touch ID first. Then open the BoardPacks app, and you will need to enter your password in the usual way one last time, then a pop-up will ask if you want to use Touch ID from now on, select ‘Yes – enable now’.  Exit the app, don’t sign out, just swipe upwards to see all apps open and swipe the BoardPacks app upwards to close it. Next time you tap on the BoardPacks app to open it, you will see a pop-up for Touch ID for BoardPacks with a fingerprint icon. At this point, gently press your finger on the dimpled Home button (don’t press the button). Or if you want to use your normal login, select that option from the pop-up.

Yes, we offer branding, though an additional charge may be applicable depending on the package you are on. Branding is fully available on the web view for your PC and on our Windows and iOS apps, and will be coming to our Android app in 2017.

From the meeting agenda, click on the pencil icon to go into edit mode. You will see at the end of each agenda item three horizontal lines. Click on this icon and you can drag the agenda item to where you want it.

Every company will have a different set up for their email systems and some will filter out our notifications into the junk folder. The best course of action is to ask your IT department to add the urls to their whitelist. This will not always solve the problem as other filters may be in place, for example emails with no-reply in the title, or those sent to a large list. However, this is the best place to start. Contact our support team for the list of URLs to add to your whitelist on

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