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Cast your vote

With so many organisations functioning at an international level, getting everyone in the same room at the same time can be a real challenge.

Cast your vote

Whether a simple yes/no approval, multiple choice, document approval or signature approval, you can tailor the decision to whatever you need, invite the relevant people and choose to attach it to a meeting agenda item. Not only does casting votes online without being in the same room as other decision-makers significantly reduce the effect of ‘group think’ mentality, it also means that getting everyone’s input on decisions is quick and easy – wherever they are.

Breaking down barriers to good decision making

Designed to help board members make better decisions from anywhere, based on the latest information.

BoardPacks designed to help decision makers

Participants are able to review documentation, links and discuss it with colleagues – all from within the decision before voting so everyone involved has the information they need to make their decision. Decisions are all recorded and easy to find again, creating transparency and consistency around the decision-making process.