WDH has made their boards digital and cut down their amount of paper wastage with BoardPacks.


WDH is dedicated to improving the lives of its tenants by creating confident communities and delivering excellent services. Their vision is to transform where people live, change attitudes towards the environment, encourage people into employment and help those who need support to develop and maintain their independence.


WDH found they were losing valuable time when it came to administrating papers for their meetings. With the 11 members sitting on the Board of Directors and a further 14 members involved in the management team or further subsidiary boards, they needed to find a solution that could allow members to adapt to last minute changes. Paddy Needham, Corporate Governance Manager at WDH, said:

“With the Board of Directors meeting six times a year and their three Committees each meeting four times a year, we wanted to cut down on paper and have a seamless process for adding any potential ‘late’ items to the pack, rather than having to recirculate a full set of papers. On top of this, with management team meetings taking place weekly and three other subsidiary boards four times a year, we wanted to streamline the time spent organising them. With this in mind, we also wanted increased security around the circulation of papers.”

The solution

WDH wanted to find a way to save paper and time. With the BoardPacks electronic portal this process has become streamlined and much more efficient and the Board members at WDH can now take comfort in knowing their meeting packs are secure. Paddy continues:

“Our Board has gone paperless following the implementation of BoardPacks and the tool gives us the opportunity to use our time more efficiently by creating the pack piece by piece as quality checks are completed. BoardPacks is not just about reducing costs and saving time but building on good governance practices to make the entire process easier.”

The results

Since implementing the software, WDH has managed significant time savings for their busy employees. With BoardPacks they were able to reduce the amount of time it took to prepare for their meetings and take comfort in knowing that their documents are secure and safe. Paddy reflects:

“It has streamlined processes and allowed for employee time to be saved and utilised on other tasks. It has also provided a tool for Board and management team members to have key documents and information at their fingertips through the portal’s ‘Knowledge’ area, which is provided in a secure environment.”


WDH wanted a quicker and more sustainable way to produce their meeting papers and are already seeing the benefits of using BoardPacks. Paddy concludes:

“BoardPacks allows each member to have their own account, available through an app, allowing them to annotate a personal version to assist them in meetings. The new approach also increases the security measures in place around the data we share with Board members.”

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